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Whimsical Solid Wood Display Board w/ Hanging Loop

Solid wood display/cutting board with hanging loop for easy hand grip and hanging storage.  Our boards are made from a variety of wood scraps accumulated from projects over the years and each one is a unique piece of art.  Although we often hear that these are "too pretty to use", all of our boards are made to be durable and used everyday in your home.


Board Size:  5/8"H x 7 7/8"W x 28 1/4" L

Materials:  Walnut, Maple, Cherry & Padauk

Finish: "Board Butter" a food safe mixture of mineral oil and bees wax that can be reapplied throughout the life of the board to maintain the wood's condition.  Buy two boards or more and get a free jar of board butter.  Need more? Purchase additional board butter from our store.


Note: Handwash Only - Not dishwasher safe.  Care instructions included with every purchase.  Thanks for supporting our family owned store!

Whimsical Solid Wood Display Board

SKU: 109
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