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Every new project begins with a 1:1 client consultation to learn about your vision.  Depending on project scope this will typically also include taking measurements of the space in question and discussion about how you envision using your new space on a day to day basis.  All of this information helps in determining the best products to choose for the look you want as well as for long-term durability, optimal use of the space available, and helps us better know what your personal style is.

Design & Developement

After consultation we create custom drawings and design layouts for your project.  Our price quotes are based on size and scope of the project, design elements to be incorporated and materials chosen.  Because this is a complicated process a consultation is required before we can create a price quote for you.  There is a small fee for the time involved in creating full design drawings which is waived from your overall project costs if you decide to move forward with your new project.    

Build & Installation

This is the fun part.  Creating something beautiful and new for your home or office.  We will work together with you and any other contract professionals working on your job site to determine the project timeline and coordinate the installation date.  Installation includes the finishing touches for a perfect fit as well as hardware installation and any last-minute touchups as needed.

Custom Product Sourcing

As you might expect with our high-quality craftsmanship, we also use the best materials on the market.  Hand selected, top quality hardwood products and hardware are the standard for every project. We also are able to offer a wide range of unique finishes and hardware to make your home unique to your individual vision.  Give us a call today to make your visions a reality.

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